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I had a really wonderful dream last night.

In it, I was in this kind of oppressive, authoritarian school which had kidnapped two children, and was holding them against their will.  I was part of a small minority group of employees of the school who was trying to undermine and dismantle the school's authority, and as part of this, we decided to help the two children escape.  The one child was a boy, like somewhere around ages 5-8, and was more able to fend for himself but the other was like a toddler, a girl, and she had a caregiver.  Thankfully, we were able to get the caregiver in on our plan and she decided to help us.

We had this elaborate plan with multiple stages and like sneaking through different parts of the buidling to get the children out without anyone noticing, and we also took measures to ensure that we could go as long as possible before the school authorities would detect that either child was missing.

I and this one other girl who had been helping out, also left the school after the plan, because there would be evidence that it was us, as soon as it was found that the children were missing, and we both wanted out of that environment anyway.

So like, we carried out the whole plan and I don't remember all the details, that part of the dream was a little blurry, but it was like, really scary and complex and it didn't go exactly as planned, like I remember at one point we were hiding in this one women's room, me, the toddler, and the caregiver, and we couldn't go out the front door of the restroom for some reason, I think there were people in the hallways, and the windows in the bathroom were small and high up so we couldn't get out those either.  The child's caregiver turned out to be super creative and resourceful, she ended up improvising a lot and had thought of things that we didn't even think of in our plan.  We ended up escaping because there was a janitor's closet that attached to both the women's and men's room and the one side was unlocked but the other locked but somehow we got someone to unlock it from the men's side and then we escaped through there.  I don't remember details but at some point the caregiver and the toddler went their separate ways.

At the end of the dream I was outside the school with the other girl who had been one of the key masterminds of the whole project, and we were walking calmly in the night, along the street in front of the school.  We weren't feeling the need to sneak or hide at this point because the children were both safely away with other people, and the whole plan hadn't been detected yet.  And we were talking quietly about what we had done and like, we were talking about how happy we were that we had been able to carry out the plan, that it was so intelligent and well-executed, and that we improvised successfully when we had problems, and that the younger child's caregiver had been super supportive and also intelligent, and it was great we had had so much support from other people.  And we were also basking in the fact that the school hadn't yet detected that anyone was missing or that anythign was going on, and we were wondering just how long it was going to take...we figured that they would probably know that at least one child was missing by the end of the night, but that we had taken so many precautions, including like setting up activities in the older child's schedule, and misinforming key people to make it look like he was still there, long after he had left, so there would be a chance we could go even longer without being detected.  And the caregiver had actually set something clever up so that it would look like she and the toddler were still in the room, like there was this window that was blurry and if you saw it from a distance it would look like they were inside and you'd have to come like, inside the room and go close up to see that it was like fake and was just a picture.

And we were talking about all this and kinda congratulating ourselves and I realized I was kind of falling in love with her and I looked over at her and she looked so pretty and I really wanted to kiss her and I told her that and she's like: "OMG I want that so bad right now" and it was funny because I wasn't expecting her to say that exact thing and it was this expression of desire that I found really exciting and endearing all at the same time.

I don't think we actually kissed though, I just woke up with this really good feeling, like a feeling of accomplishment and of of feeling and being capable and being surrounded by intelligent people that I'm working together with, and everything feeling right in my life.


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May. 31st, 2016 07:23 am (UTC)
totally remember having the totalitarian school dream when was in high school... including weird things like the swimming pool being drained and turned into a prison yard
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