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A Dream About Star Trek TNG

I had a dream last night that was heavily Star Trek: TNG influenced.  In it, both Kelsey and I had been given assignments on board the Starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain Picard.  I was given my assignment and I remember not knowing exactly what it was, and only being given information about the room on the ship where I needed to go to perform it.  Kelsey's assignment was in a different part of the ship.

I remember setting out to find where I was going.  I remember feeling confused and bewildered, not knowing where to go or how to get there.  I walked around a lot.  There is a lot to the dream that I don't remember.  Eventually, I got to a part of the ship that included a school.  The ship was really different from how it was in Star Trek: TNG.  It was like...more big and spacious and more like the outside world.  In the dream, this was achieved by some combination of like, a holodeck and other matter-energy transformation technologies, which in the dream, were more advanced than they were in the normal Star Trek universe.

Anyway, I was walking through the school area, and I looked outdoors (there was a simulated outdoor area) and there were a lot of college students walking about.  I was trying to find a turbolift because I knew I wasn't on the right level of the ship, and I needed a turbolift to get to where I was going.  I think that where I was going was either on the highest deck or the lowest deck--it shifted based on which part of the dream it was in.

Anyway, I found a door that I thought was the turbolift, and it looked to be the only one in the area, but the door was closed and there was a long line of people gathered around it, and I wasn't even sure if that was what it was.  I asked the person near the door if it was a turbolift and they said yes, and then I asked if they were waiting for the turbolift and they said yes, so I went to the back of the line because I didn't want to be inconsiderate of them.

But then I woke up.  What's weird is that I went back to sleep, and I went back into the dream.  I'm pretty sure I actually woke up too, and got out of bed.

Anyway, when I re-entered the dream (from real waking or dream waking, I'm not 100% sure), I was back in the entryway to the school area, before where I encountered the turbolift.  I remmeber having a key idea, like a realization, that would help me--the realization was that I could ask the ship's computer where I was going, and that because the computer was very advanced and intelligent and knowledgeable, that it would be able to instruct me in where to go.  There were fewer people in the area this time, and no one was waiting in line for the turbolift, so I went to it and went inside.

Inside, I asked the ship's computer where I was assigned to go, and it told me.  It was a deck, designated B1, which was like "basement", and it meant it was the lowest deck on the ship, one deck below the "normal" decks.  So I told the turbolift to take me to B1, and it did.  But like, I got to B1 and I was in the area where I was supposed to perform my job, and there was like this thing.

So in the dream there was this technology that enabled two areas to like, merge in matter and energy...temporarily.  So like, for example, there could be two people working in two different rooms, and they could merge the two rooms and then like, interact as if they were in the same room, and the interactions would be real.  Anyway, I was interacting with this guy who had merged the room he was in with the room I was in, for some reason.  And at some point, he disengaged the merge of rooms, and it was weird to watch what happened.  Most of the stuff we had been working on either neatly fit into his room, or into mine, but there was something in the middle and I watched as the system like, oddly untwined the matter held in this intermediate area and put stuff back in his room that belonged there, and stuff that belonged in my room into mine.  It was really weird to watch.

Anyway, that was the dream.  I feel like this summary doesn't really do it justice, I feel like the longest, most involved parts of the dreams were not parts I remember clearly, like the first two paragraphs or so.  There were huge amounts of detail that I think I just sort of forgot or didn't remember clearly, but I thought the dream was really interesting and wanted to write it down anyway.