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I had a long, complex, and interesting dream last night.

In it, I was going to a Why This Way meeting that was hosted in a building that was owned by the New Church (the organization based in Bryn Athyn).  I had a key to the building, and the building was very peculiarly structured.

I walked in an entryway, which was not locked, and it was a large, open stone room that was about 2 stories high.  There was a stone staircase that led up to a doorway, which was locked.

I reached in my pocket for the key, and the key was unfortunately not on a keychain; I pulled three similar-shaped keys from my pocket and was fumbling with them trying not to drop them.  I was carrying a bunch of stuff, and I only had one hand free and was also leaning against the wall to support myself.  The area was dimly lit and I couldn't clearly see the keys so I was trying to figure out which one was the key to the door.  I got the correct key and slipped the other two back in my pocket.

I then, by no small feat of balance and dexterity, unlocked the door without dropping anything.  I felt accomplished, and went through the door.  The door opened into a stairwell that went back down to the first floor.  The stairwell was metal and industrial-looking, and was painted a light brown color.

There were some people in the room; I remember a quiet but friendly young man about my age who had dark hair, a beard and a burly build.  I walked down the stairs and into the interior of the building.  Now that I've woken up, the layout of the building makes no sense to me...as I walked back into a room adjacent to the entry room, but on the first story.  For some reason I had to go all around to get where I was going.

I got to the Why This Way meeting and I don't remember everyone who was there, but I remember that Katie was.  I think Sylvia and Kelsey were too.  The room was an interesting room; it was shaped like a quarter-circle, with a corner in one end and then a curved part, but it wasn't exactly curved so much as it was like a polygon with a whole bunch of sides approximating a curve.  The sides each had a window in them that reached from the ceiling to about 2-3 feet off the floor, and the windows had venetian blinds in them.  The room had white walls and was not particularly interesting looking; the lights were off and the room was illuminated by an ample amount of light coming in from outside.  Outside the room was a parking lot.

I don't remember exactly what we talked about.  At some point, we walked out the front of the building, through a double door on the ground floor that was made of glass panes in metal and looked like something out of a 50's suburban strip mall.  We were then standing in the parking lot, and we noted two hang gliders fairly far off.  We noticed an eagle in flight, and suddenly it started attacking one of pilots of one of the hang gliders.  The glider started swerving...and it started heading towards us.  It was flying erratically and I wasn't sure exactly where it was going to land but it looked like it might hit us.  I panicked, and yelled that it might hit us, but no one else seemed concerned; I rushed inside because I didn't want to be hurt, and no one followed me.  It turned out that the glider barely missed us, it flew just over the top of the building and crashed just behind it.

The rest of the dream is pretty vague.  I don't remember much of it, although I remember that the dream was much longer and more detailed, and had many other parts to it.  There was an extensive part set in the industrial-looking room with the stairwell, but I am blanking on it right now.


There's another dream fragment I remember and I'm not sure if it's part of the same dream or a different dream, but it involved me playing on a piano which was painted white, in a white room with gray carpet and no windows, and a bunch of kids.  I don't really remember what was going on in this part of the dream, but I remember having some degree of tension with one man present, who was a music teacher, and feeling somewhat threatened by the man or that I wasn't welcome there.


I also remember a different dream fragment which I am pretty sure is from a different dream.  It involved me playing with an orchestra on some electronic keyboard instrument which was able to play in different tuning systems.  It was an unfamiliar instrument and I don't remember how I played it in the dream...it didn't look anything like a normal piano and the keys on it were very complex.  I remember it was able to play 31-ET, 15-ET, 25-ET, and several tunings with higher divisions of the octave, but I remember being surprised that it was not able to play 22-ET.  I remember that in this part of the dream, it was fall and there were rich fall colors outside.  We were in a concert hall that had a rich, light-colored wooden panelling all about, and was very warm-colored and cozy.  I remember there being violins present in the ensemble we were playing in.