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This is my own subjective interpretation of my most recent dream.  I'm just running with the interpretations that pop into my head and intuitively seem to fit.

I think that the keys in my pocket symbolize how I feel like I've been given a lot of resources and talents in life, and how I'm juggling all the stuff I'm carrying and trying to fumble for the keys symbolizes how I have felt a little overwhelmed lately, with trying to do so many things in my life.

I think the unusual structure of the building, which didn't seem to make much sense to me, symbolizes how the structure of our society doesn't seem to make much sense.  I think the man in the room with the stairwell symbolizes how there are a lot of people who are very friendly and supportive of me in my life.

The front room, where the Why This Way meeting was happening, I think symbolizes how I feel about Why This Way.  It was a comfortable room with natural lighting but it was also rather plain.  I think this makes sense because I think there is something very natural about Why This Way, but the group is also very minimal right now, operating out of people's homes and public spaces, with minimal resources.  I also think that the fact that it was a New Church building in the dream may symbolize how I've been coming to realize that the New Church's value system has actually influenced Why This Way in profound ways...which is interesting because when we founded the group I had a sort of impression (and to some degree worry) that it was "my idea" more than I was comfortable with.

I'm not quite sure what the hang glider incident means...it could be strictly accidental (perhaps because I've seen a bald eagle two of the days this past week, which is a little unusual), but it almost reminds me a bit of the debt ceiling...the fact that the eagle is the national symbol of the U.S. seemed to imply that a bit...and the fact that it looked like the glider was going to hit us, but it didn't...seems to fit with the way the debt ceiling was raised at the last minute.  At the same time, the fact that the glider did crash seems to echo some of the conversations I've had lately with my friends about the national debt...that the US still has a major problem that they haven't solved.

These are just some guesses...but they seem to fit when I think about them.