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Bizarre And Entertaining Dream

I had a dream last night that was long, complex, and somewhat cinematic, in that I think it was a lot like a movie and would make a fairly engaging movie to watch, although it probably won't sound as engaging (at least until the end) in this description.

I don't remember the early part of the dream, but there was a whole long and prolonged part of it that involved travel, coordinating things with a lot of people, and all sorts of other stuff. There were parts that involved trains and public transportation, and I think at one point being on a bike, at one point I think being at a gas station, and a restaurant. I don't remember these parts much at all.

But like...at some point in the dream, I was in this building, fairly high up, and next to the shore, and from this point on the dream is much more vivid and clear in my memory.  It wasn't right on the ocean, but like, the water out the window was a bay or large cove, but I was in a medium-sized city.  The dream was set in a sort of dystopian society, one in which the power structures were a good bit more corrupt and coercive than the ones in our society.

In the dream, I was in a room with a university professor and a bunch of other people.  There was a large window that overlooked the water, and a few of my friends and I (not the professor) were looking out the window and talking about the water.  I pointed out that the water was actually much shallower than most people realized.  I asked people to estimate how deep it was, and people guessed things like "12 feet".  I honestly thought the water was around 2-3 feet deep.  I was like--just wait and watch, if we see someone go in the water, you'll see how shallow it is.

We were all surprised when someone drove his truck in the water and it proved only to be around 6 inches deep...and the truck (a pickup truck) drove quite a ways out into the water.  Even I was shocked...I knew that the water was shallower than it looked and than most people thought, but I didn't know that it was shallow, and furthermore I didn't realize how far out into the bay, the shalllow region went.  But it was clear that it didn't go the whole way out because there were larger boats and things just a ways beyond where the truck had stopped driving.

We were talking about the point at which the water stopped, and then we noticed that there was like, a stairway coming up out of the water (how the physics of this works, I have no idea, it was a dream and didn't make sense), and people were coming up the stairway and walking across the water to the land.  The people were all dressed up in fairly spiffy clothing, and they looked like wealthy people at some sort of reception.  We started talking and apparently the people were wealthy donors of the university.

We went back into the room, and the professor was there.  I had a strong dislike for the professor; I didn't trust him. He was in a position of power and authority in the university, and I tended to strongly distrust people in positions of power in the society in the dream, because they tended to only be able to stay in these positions by doing things that went against my values.  The professor started talking and I don't remember exactly what he said, but he was expressing ideas that I really strongly objected to, like about being competitive academically, and doing things to rise to the top.

There were some parts that I don't remember (I wish I remembered them because I think they contained some nuance of interaction between me and the professor that had some depth), and at some point the dream shifted, and I was with a different person, a female professor, another woman, and several of my friends who had been in the other part of the dream.  We were in a more rural area, farther from big cities, and we were out in the woods on an unpaved path.  I found some plants that I had planted, and I was looking at them and wondering if I had planted them too close together.

The one woman and the professor were arguing, I don't remember exactly what they were arguing about, but there was a great deal of angst and tension between them. I had the distinct feeling that there was some sort of tension or disagreement that went deeper than what they were expressing.

We all walked into this building...it was sort of like a small cabin, much more minimal than the fancy buildings we had been in the city in the beginning of the dream.  The ceiling was low and it was darker but sort of cozy and homey feeling, some wood from the walls was showing in a dark color, and some had been painted white.

The one woman said that she didn't want to be out here in the woods, that she found people in these remote rural areas to be racist and bigoted, and she said that if the professor was going to stay out here, then she'd leave, and she'd just go back to the city where she wanted to be.  They started arguing in a more heated way, and at one point the professor suddenly yelled out that she had this specific neurological disability, I don't remember the name but it was one that doesn't exist in real life, but it was something that was moderately debilitating and would be a fair amount of work to overcome and live a normal life.

But then she held this rod up to beside her face and like the woman was looking at her, and then she started to levitate the rod with her mind, and it becames apparent that she also had powers of telekinesis.  And then the other woman, it became apparent, also had these powers, and with her mind, she took control of the rod and began spinning it.

There was a sort of dance of this rod spinning and whirling about in really impressive, coordinated ways.  It seemed though that the professor, who was older, had much greater and more impressive powers of telekinesis than the other.

And the two women sort of looked at each other with these wowed expressions, and like, they didn't say anything but I think there was like this sort of understanding between them that all the stuff they had been talking about was somewhat inconsequential, because like, having telekinesis is like really unusual and a big deal, and like, the woman who had been complaining about being in a rural area and away from the city, didn't complain about it any more, because like...it didn't matter, she wanted to learn about her powers from this other woman.

That was the end of the dream.  It was exceptionally vivid though, I remembered so much vivid imagery from it when I awoke.