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I had a weird dream last night that involved a traditional culture of indigenous people who lived in a region with a rocky coastline, a lot like the New England coastline.  I was part of this culture and I lived in a community that lived in a kind of sheltered area where there was a thick, maze-like archipelago of rocky islands sheltering us from the open ocean.  We built these small boats like Kayaks, out of wood.  We had this very long tradition of making the boats, and they were super well-made and durable and practical and easy to travel around in.

Our culture was part of a broader culture that encompassed other communities quite far away.

There was some sort of plot to the dream, but I don't remember what it was.  But I remember one part of the dream in which I was in a group of people trying to use our boats in the open ocean, where the waves were bigger, and they didn't work well.  The bigger waves kept flipping them over, and the water was cold and it was stressing us out.

So like, we ended up traveling to this community of people who were sort of part of our broader culture but a distinct local culture, who lived closer to the open ocean, and traveled longer distances where the islands were more spaced out, and were the waves were bigger, and we found that their boats looked vaguely similar to ours but had a different design.  They were bulkier and they had a somewhat different shape, with a lot of little details on it that I didn't immediately understand the purpose of, and the paddles were different.  I tried one in the open ocean with the big waves, and they were very stable.  I was able to ride it in really rough surf without flipping.

And I feel like when I experienced this, I got a sort of deep sense of like, the connection of each local culture to the individual environment they lived in.  And then like, I felt this desire to travel and explore the other communities that were part of our broader culture, because they were separated and we didn't have much contact with each other, but I heard that farther west along the coastline, there was like, a big city inland where there was a river, and I wanted to travel there and see what kind of boat building traditions the people there had, because I wanted to learn more about these traditions, and how they related to the environments in which people lived.