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Cazort's LiveJournal of Sorcery

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Alexander Cazort Zorach
5 August 1980
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Alex is a powerful sorcerer residing in the United States. He is interested in ecology, economics, mathematics, music, and much more. He greatly enjoys food, music, dancing, birdwatching, board games and good beer. He is working on the demise of the current global economic system, and its replacement with a more egalitarian, constructive global economy. And, as they say, "We gon' do this shit!"

adaptation, awareness, bach, balance, biking, birdwatching, books, business, causality, change, cities, classical music, cleveland, cold-hardy broadleaf evergreens, complexity, computers, contradancing, cooking, cooperation, creativity, crying, cuddling, culture, cuteness, cybernetics, dancing, death, development, disturbance, diversity, dreams, eccentricity, ecological engineering, ecology, economics, edible plants, education, empty space, exploring, feedback, feminism, flexibility, forests, frank zappa, franz kafka, free speech, free time, freedom, french horn, friends, fugues, gardening, gender, gentoo, geology, go, green chemistry, growth, hacking, hard work, healing, hindemith, hip hop, hugs, human contact, hymns, investing, jazz, jesus, languages, learning, legos, leisure, life, linux, literature, love, math, meditation, music, music composition, name tags, nature, networks, non-alcoholic beer, non-violence, open source, openness, organic chemistry, organization, patience, peace, people, photography, piano, plants, practicality, probability, programming, public transportation, purpose, queer rights, racial issues, rain, reading, recovery, religion, respect, restoration, singing, skills, sleep, smiles, solar energy, sorcery, spicy food, spirituality, star trek, statistics, steel drums, stories, sustainability, swing dancing, systems theory, talib kweli, talking, tea, the dispossessed, the internet, thelonius monk, thinking, time, tolerance, trains, traveling, trees, urban planning, ursula leguin, walking, weather, weeds, writing, you

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